Collecting Antique Farm Tractors

Antique tractor

A very popular choice for collectors is in collecting antique tractors. Many people like to collect antique tractors, because it helps them to learn about the past, a time when things were much different than today.

In the 1980’s, collecting and restoring antique farm tractors became a popular hobby. Organizations were then created from groups of collectors that started antique farm tractor and farm equipment shows and meets every year for anyone that wanted to attend. The popularity of antique farm equipment, and antique tractors, grew large in the public eye because of this.

Having a lot of information about the market you are collecting in, is the best way to ensure that your collection is as valuable and successful as it can possibly be. Knowing the models of antique tractors that will make you money, and the ones that won’t be anything but a waste of money and time, is extremely important when restoring tractors. Since there are so many different kinds of antique tractors, and the fact that some are in higher demand than others, might make you consider becoming an expert in one or two kinds of tractors. You can save much time and energy by doing this, since you won’t have to worry about following many different models.

The collectors that are attracted to various types of antique tractors is largely dependent on the style and make. Massey-Harris, Farmall, and Ford are some of the organizations that exist for antique tractors. Specific collectors are catered to by these organizations. A new collector can become very familiar and educated about the different values of antique tractors by going to these organizations.

You must know the parts that are needed, as well as how you are going to start, when beginning to restore and collect tractors. You can usually find cheap, spare parts, from different scrap yards and junk yards. Finding people who have extra parts for sale can also be a great help. Classified ads, as well as yard sales, can often yield surprising parts for your antique tractor collection. This is one more reason why it is smart to only focus on a single model or two. It can be pretty costly to get into the restoration process.

If you are looking to make a profit from your collection, then after the restoration process is finished, you have to be on the lookout for a buyer. This whole process is pretty simple. You can bring your antique tractors to trade shows, find a collector who is interested in antique tractors, or place an ad in your local paper. Interest in antique tractors has grown since the 1980’s, when antique tractors and other types of farming equipment were shown to the public by collector organizations.

You can make money by doing what you love, when you collect and restore antique tractors, and also get the chance to share it with the rest of the world. You can have a successful business restoring antique tractors, when the right people and models are able to come together, from the many varieties that are available and the massive amounts of information that is waiting to be learned. For people that do not want to sell their antique tractors, it is still a way to learn about the past, and make it real to you.


By: Marky Martin

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