1946 Farmall “H” In Memory of Red Fishel

Our farm is named for Wilburn “Red” Eugene Fishel, who was born on May 25, 1929 on a 25-acre farm near West Clemmonsville Rd in Forsyth county then known as “Fishel Farm.” Red’s father Clarence leased some land in Davidson County, and when Wilburn was eighteen, that land became available for purchase. Wilburn bought his first tract of land, around 32 acres, from the estate of Hallie Joisebell Hege Fishel on June 15, 1949 for $650. This land would be the main bottom of Wilburn’s farm. Later, Clarence would often visit this property for a few moments of peaceful retreat into nature. Over the years, more acres and tracts of land were purchased until the farm became the 160 acre farm that it remains to this day.

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